About Us

Emblue Nigeria Limited was incorporated in 2011 as a printing (emblueprint) and media support company. In 2017, it evolved into a full-blown new media company and formally launched into the media and communication segment of the market offering through-the-line full media services and consultations.

Our mission is to inspire our world!

We are at the forefront of the intersection where new media meets marketing. We leverage on contemporary culture, mobile technology and entertainment to drive consumer connection.

We partner with startups, consumer brands, public sectors, corporate brands to define and achieve their strategic branding and positioning objectives.

We are innovative, resourceful and focused on connecting organizations in Africa with their consumers while providing access to companies outside of Africa to penetrate the African market with their products and services.

Our team of catalysts have deep rooted competencies in brand management and marketing, business intelligence and analytics, consumer insights and segmentation, research and planning; with the skills to translate consumer knowledge into measurable and sustainable positive impact on our clients’ businesses.

Our Thoughts on #NewMediaCommunication

New media is and will continue to be an emerging field.

It is relevant now and will remain into the future

It is redefining customer’s engagement and how proposition core messages are taken to the market and communicated.

It has revolutionized how media content is produced, distributed, consumed and monetized.

How We Play

Insight driven data: Data driven insights is key to our strategy, choice of platforms, media deployment and execution.

Develop creative strategies/targeting: We strategize to devise a comprehensive program that incorporates the right targeting and platform fit for deployment

Execute: We clinically execute plans to deliver memorable brand experiences in the minds of the target market

Achieve business objectives: The end result is using our experience and expertise to fulfill the specific expectations of our clients/consumers.